Cyber-attacks affect every aspect of our lives, targeting our mobile devices, our bank accounts and our vehicles. These attacks have serious consequences, not only for cyber-security, but also for safety, as the cyber and physical worlds are increasingly linked. Providing effective cyber security requires cooperation and collaboration among all the entities involved. Increasing the information available for analysis allows better prediction, prevention and mitigation of cyber-attacks. However, concerns that sensitive and confidential information may be revealed currently deters organisations from sharing data. C3ISP addresses this concern by providing a set of flexible mechanisms, regulated by data sharing agreements, which allow owners to retain control of what is shared and protect the information in the most appropriate way depending on the scenarios. This is aligned with the main guidelines of the European Cyber Security Strategy.


C3ISP’s mission is to define a collaborative and confidential information sharing, analysis and protection framework as a service for cyber security management.

C3ISP innovation is the possibility to share information in a flexible and controllable manner inside a collaborative multi-domain environment to improve detection of cyber threats and response capabilities, still preserving the confidentiality of the shared information. C3ISP paradigm is collect, analyse, inform, and react.