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TRUESSEC mission is to identify the different criteria that could be used to assess trustworthiness of services by citizens from multi-disciplinary perspectives: sociological, cultural, legal, ethical, technological and business. The final goal is to make proposal for ETEL European Trust-Enhancing Label.


Fostering a culture of risk management, Hermeneut provides individual organisations as well as business sectors with an innovative methodology for the dynamic assessment of their vulnerabilities and corresponding tangible and intangible assets at risk.


PROTECTIVE will develop a comprehensive solution to raise organisational cyber situational awareness (CSA) through

  • enhancement of security alert correlation and prioritisation
  • linking of the relevance/criticality of an organizations assets to its business/mission
  • establishment of a threat intelligence sharing community

These three elements will be tightly woven to provide an integrated CSA platform that will be developed firstly for CSIRTs in the NREN community and later applied for further validation within the SME end-user community.

SHIELD - Securing against Intruders and Other Threats Through a NFV-Enabled Environment

The SHIELD project proposes a universal solution for dynamically establishing and deploying virtual security infrastructures into ISP and corporate networks. SHIELD builds on the huge momentum of Network Functions Virtualisation(NFV), as currently standardised by ETSI, in order to virtualise security appliances intovirtual Network Security Functions (vNSFs), to be instantiated within the network infrastructure using NFV technologies and concepts, effectively monitoring and filtering network traffic in a distributed manner.