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London, 22 October 2018 – The sixth 3D Repo British Information Modelling event attracted more than 70 delegates from across the built environment industry. This bi-annual evening seminar and networking event was hosted by renowned engineering consultancy Arup and it took place at...

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The SAP Technical Education Conference, better known as SAP TechEd, is SAP's premier tech conference. SAP...

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CyberTech Europe – C3ISP Blog post from Digital Catapult IMG_6937.jpeg 

The C3ISP project took part in CyberTech Europe which was held in Rome this year on 26th and 27th of...

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If you are providing security services for your customers, you are surely interested in protecting them better, more efficiently and more...

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Focusing on the business case for SMEs and relevance of C3ISP:
The aim of the C3ISP SME Pilot is to enable SMEs to collect and share their Cyber Threat Information (CTI) data with the C3ISP platform in such a manner that each SME remains in full control of what is shared and how it is...

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The High Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ISCOM), which is a Directorate of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), hosts the Italian CERT, which is the main public organization in Italy informing private users and companies of novel cybersecurity threats,...

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This pilot aims at performing collaborative analysis of data coming from a federation of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to detect cyber-crimes attempts...

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C3ISP partner 3DRepo organised the British Information Modelling Event on Wednesday the 27th of June 2018 at the Shard, London, UK. Leading players from the construction industry came together for an evening seminar and networking event, where they also had the...

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On the 2nd of May the proposed budget of €100 billion and the name of the next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme was announced by the Commission. The Commission adopted its...

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The workshop  titled “Building a route to market for new cyber security technologies” held at Digital Catapult Centre on 14 March 2018.
This was the first workshop as part of a programme of 3 workshops and one engagement event.

The aim of the programme is to...

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As part of  the research activity on cyber-physiscal systems, the IIT-CNR moves forward an important study on cyber-security automotive. It focuses on the CAN-bus protocol and, in particular, on security properties such as Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication.  Android-based radio system...
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The Third Project Meeting is the 7th and 8th of June in Sophia-Antipolis, France, hosted by SAP France.