C3ISP invited to present as best practice collaborative research project in the cybersecurity sector




Three cybersecurityprojects funded by the European Commission under programme Horizon 2020 were selected as best practice examples of collaborative research and development in the European region. The three projects, SHIELD, PROTECTIVE, andC3ISP, explained their innovative technologies and the technical and commercial opportunities that arise for the cybersecurityindustry.

All these projects are using cutting-edgetechnologies to advance in the field. SHIELD is an ecosystem of on-demand virtualized security functions with trust and integrity attestation of the physical infrastructure, and central Machine Learning based engine for attack detection and remediation. PROTECTIVE evolves cyber situational awareness into effective ready to use security management solutions for CSIRTs and provide threat intelligence sharing capabilities. Finally, C3ISP is about sharing of threat intelligence in a collaborative and secure way.

As part of the research conducted in C3ISP, it was found that organisationsdon’t feel comfortable sharing information about cyber securitythreats and attacks. This is especiallythe case when organisationsare considered competitors. C3ISP has invented a way in which this type of information can be shared safely according to data sharing agreements (DSA). These DSA act like contracts that establish what type of information is shared, in which format, to which partners, etc.

Part of what theorganisationcan establish in the DSA is the level of privacy of their data. If the organisationwants total privacy, a technique called ‘Homomorphic Encryption’ can be used to perform analysis on data without needing to decrypt it. The trade-off of high privacy is that the performance of the analytics capability might slow down significantly or you might not be able to do it at all in a scenario of big data.

On the other hand, if the organisationwants to disclose their data with the partners, performance and accuracy aregained. In between the two extremes, the organisationcan decide to anonymize or do standard encryption to find a middle point where some privacy is achieved and performance of analysis is not compromised.

The three research initiatives have developed pilot projects to prove the benefits in different business scenarios and now are in the route to find partners to further exploit and commercializethe research.

Like other projects funded by the European Commission, SHIELD, PROTECTIVE AND C3ISP are success stories due to the collaboration between universities, businesses, and research and technology organisationsfrom across all the countries that are members of the Horizon 2020 programme.