C3ISP Takes part in another Hermeneut workshop in London - applying a new perspective on cyber risk to Critical National Infrastructure in this case the UK’s Energy Grid.

The workshop was held on April 3rd2019 at the Digital Catapult Centre in London and was hosted by Hermeneut which is an EU Horizon 2020 sister project of C3ISP. This workshop showed how a new perspective on Cyber risk can be applied to the evolving cyber ecosystems that constitute critical nation infrastructures. The focus of this event was on applying this to the UK smart Energy Grid ecosystem.

Hermeneut is a Horizon 2020 Project that has the challenging overall goal of creating a holistic, dynamic cybersecurity risk assessment model and approach to cost-benefit analysis that addresses the human factors, the role of intangible assets and the strategies of the cyber attackers.

As part of the Hermeneut project, the Digital Catapult has proposed a new approach to Cyber risk which integrates ideas from economics and complexity science into a new approach to understanding dynamic and emergent threats.

Digital Catapult also represented the C3ISP project and gave a presentation on our project and the potential for exploiting C3ISP Cyber Threat Information sharing capabilities to help mitigate such emergent systemic risks to the Cyber ecosystems of Critical National Infrastructures. We illustrated how C3ISP capabilities could be deployed in the context of the UK Energy Grid ecosystem.

The workshop attracted a participant from a wide range of interests across the Energy ecosystem including experts in cyber security through to cyber insurance.