C3ISP@CyberSecurity Day


The Cybersecurity day is an annual event organized by the cybersecurity lab of IIT-CNR. This edition attracted more than 200 participants from research, industry, government and civil society. More than 20 speakers discussed about innovation in cyber security and its many facets, including information sharing, cyber treat management and automotive security.

It has been also the opportunity to launch the Cybersecurity Observatory.

The Cybersecurity Observatory (cybersecurityosservatorio.it) is a project designed and conceived by the Cybersecurity Lab of the Institute of Computer Science and Telematics of Cnr (Iit-Cnr) in collaboration with Registro.it. Its peculiarities? It is not a common Web portal that hosts content on the subject (documents, reports, notes, publications and indications on the regulatory aspect) but also and above all a virtual square through which to access freely (only some require a registration and a certain level of reliability to make use of resources) to a series of cybersecurity self-assessment services that draw on the results of research projects within the Institute or developed nationally and internationally.
You choose with whom to share data. Fabio Martinelli, ITI-CNR manager and head of the Observatory on Cybersecurity, confirmed to Sole24ore.com as the main objective "both the non-profit scientific dissemination and a greater awareness of the relevance of cybersecurity". As confirmed by the project spokesperson, in fact, the platform does not want to replace the consulting activity of companies operating in this field, but represents a sort of first step to verify the health status of an organization's digital "presence". "The technology we are building - Martinelli ensures in this regard - can be offered to all but obviously not everyone will be able to access the same set of information. We are more oriented towards an approach according to which each operator can decide with whom to share their data and the results of the analytics. Several demos from C3ISP project were performed to show the effectiveness of the concepts of the observatory.