The second C3ISP workshop



The second C3ISP workshop, held at the National Research Council of Italy in Pisa on 11 October 2018, was delivered as part of a wider C3ISP project consortium meeting, concomitantly with the Internet Festival 2018. 

Overall, the workshop has stimulated a successful internal discussion around market needs and early adopters of the technology from the different pilots' perspectives, as well as defining a common value proposition. In particular, through the first open discussion, the C3ISP consortium focused on understanding the main differences between potential clients in the early market and the mainstream market, their needs and the way the project can address them. On the second part of the workshop, the focus moved on understanding and defining the value proposition for C3ISP, the promise of value to be delivered.

The delegates were spread across various tables in order to stimulate collaboration and engagement during the group activities which have delivered great and fruitful results. 

C3ISP next steps will consist on the completion of the implementation and testing phase 1 by October 2018 and the completion of the implementation and testing phase 2 by October 2019 for what concerns the pilot projects. In terms of activities, the next workshop, number 3, will take place in Summer 2019 and the final engagement event is aligned with the end of phase 2, October 2019.

Pisa, Italy
Data evento: 
Thursday, 11 October, 2018