Enterprise Press Release

If you are providing security services for your customers, you are surely interested in protecting them better, more efficiently and more effectively. The Enterprise Pilot of C3ISP focusses on this challenge, tackling a concrete problem: i.e. how to improve early detection of threats and your analytical tools by using customer's data.

Normally your customers are pretty conservative about what you can and can't do with their data. However would your customers be more assured about sharing their threat intelligence data if you offered them capabilities such as:

  • advanced sanitization measures, including differential privacy techniques
  • sophisticated information sharing mechanisms, allowing the definition of fine grained control policies (in natural language!) for data processing
  • specially crafted analytics, fully compliant with data policies previously defined, adopting AI or Full Homomorphic Processing for maximum confidentiality
  • an effective sharing model, able to give back credit and advantages to the customers willing to share their data for additional purposes

We are working to deliver all these capabilities, as part of our engagements in the C3ISP project. We are targeting enterprise use cases coming from Managed Security Service (MSS) providers. We defined models where malware spreading is studied considering data coming from multiple customers, using differential privacy techniques (especially geo-indistinguishability) to blur identifiable attributes (e.g. identities, locations) of infected systems at the same time, preserving the utility of the remaining data. These capabilities provide to MSS customers, analysts and also third parties like CERTs, with the business benefits that come from early Threat detection and Malware spreading forecasts.

We also aim to optimize the business case for using these services, by understanding the appreciation of our proposal by customers and thus by studying how it can be best introduced in today's market. So if you are interested, if you want to know more or even share your thoughts on these ideas, feel free to get in contact through our social media.