University of Kent (UNIKENT)

Since 2005 the University of Kent has been placed in or near the top ten of all UKuniversity computer science departments for its innovative teaching of the subject.It has an outstanding research record, which has won international acclaim andattracted major funding from the Research Councils, Government Departments,Industry and the EC. In the 2014 REF its research outputs showed a quality that wasmostly world leading or internationally excellent (70%) or internationallyrecognized (27%). In March 2015 Kent was recognised by GCHQ as one of only 13 UK Academic Centres ofExcellence in Cyber Security Research. The School of Computing at the University of Kent is a flourishingcommunity of over 100 academic and support staff and is one of the UK's leading centres for teaching andresearch in computer science. Research in the School of Computing ( is sustained,managed and developed through its 5 research groups.The Security research group studies a wide range of security topics, including identity management &authorisation, privacy, cloud computing, intrusion detection, intrusion tolerance, network overlays,cryptography, formal methods, and reverse engineering for vulnerability analysis. The group has successfullyparticipated in over 25 research projects, a selection of these are: FW7 IP TAS3, FW6 IP TrustCoM, EPSRCEasy Expression of Authorisation Policies, JISC DyCom, EPSRC Distributed Programmable Authorisation,ISIS PERMIS, EC IV FW TrustHealth 2.